Divorce a better way

Divorce does not have to be difficult, drawn out or expensive. If you approach the ending of your marriage in control of your emotions and with the correct mindset, there is a good chance your case can be handled uncontested. People who let their emotions get out of control or hire overly aggressive attorneys can spend years in litigation and spend a fortune in attorney’s fees. I hope to educate you on the alternative ways of obtaining an amicable divorce.

Is an uncontested divorce right for you?

You may be interested in discovering how to handle your case collaboratively, cooperatively or through mediation, if you have any of the following concerns:

>I’m worried my assets and life’s savings will be wasted on attorney’s fees
>I’m frustrated I will spend the next year or two stressed out about what is going to happen to me
>I’m concerned about the welfare of my children and the impact my divorce will have on them

My clients have reported the following results*:

>Leaving their marriage with income and assets to fully support themselves
>Happily transitioning into single life with renewed energy
>Being able to co-parent with their former spouse to further the best interest of their children

I find that most people just want a fair deal without all the drama and without having to throw away their life savings on a divorce attorney. If that is your goal, then contact me. We will work together to try to come up with a great solution without litigation and without unnecessary delay.

As both a lawyer and Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator, I have seen firsthand the benefits that come with people who settle their case amicably instead of litigating.

*Every case is unique and different, so past results do not guarantee future results. However, continued success in resolving cases in the future will not be due to lack of effort!